Distance Education Green Certificate





A Distance Education course commences at Mountbellew Agriculture College Ltd., on the week beginning Nobvember 27th, 2017. You can attend on Mondays or Fridays.


    1. Applicant Information


To be eligible for the course, an applicant must:


    • Be a holder of a Level 6 or Higher Major Award in a non-agricultural discipline. A certified copy of the qualification held will be required. If the award is not on the National Framework of Qualifications, or if there can be any doubt as to the equivalence of the award on the National Framework of Qualifications, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide proof that the award meets this entry requirement. Information on the National Framework of Qualifications is available from Quality and Qualifications Ireland's (QQI).


    • Have continuous access to a commercial farm (home farm or approved nominated farm) for the duration of the course in order to develop proficiency in farm tasks and complete farm base assignment and projects.


    • Have access to all farm details including financial details on the nominated farm and are expected to spend at least two days per week on this farm and be involved in the farm operation and management.


    • The applicant will also be required to include a certified copy of their birth certificate and proof of their Personal Public Service Number (PPSN).


    2. Course Aim


This course has been developed to meet the training requirements for full-time or part-time farmers that hold a non-agricultural Level 6 or higher Major award qualification. The Teagasc Distance Education Green Cert for Non Agricultural Award Holders meets the training requirement for Stamp Duty Exemption. The course covers subjects such as the environment, farm safety and animal welfare, production agriculture and farm business management.


    3. Course Content


The course comprises of two separate awards, the Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture (120 credits) and the Level 6 Specific Purpose Certificate in Farm Administration (60 credits) It requires in the region of 190 hours direct contact (including classroom sessions, practical skills instruction; farm planning sessions, tutorials; exam time; practical skills assessment time). The college will endeavour to provide applicants with a schedule of attendance days before the start of the course. The course requires a 12 month practical learning period to be completed on the home farm/nominated farm.

If you are registering for this course, please return the following documents, before Monday 20th November, 2017, as demand for the course is very high:


    1. A completed Application Form.


    2. A copy of your Fetac level 6 or higher qualification.


    3. Two recent passport photographs, with your name on the back.


    4. A copy of your birth certificate.


    5. A copy of proof of PPS number.


    6. A copy of your current driving license.


    7. A cheque/ postal order/ bank draft for €2,750 made payable to Mountbellew Agriculture College, which is the fee for the course, or alternatively you can pay by EFT details of which can be given upon request. If you opt for the EFT option, please ensure that your name of the applicant.


    8. The course Declaration Form.


The course duration is approximately 24 months, and over that period of time, you will be required to be present, for up to 24 days (one day per month, usually Monday or Friday). Written examinations usually take place on Saturdays mornings. Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.


Relavent Documents


Application Form.    The course Declaration Form.    Module Options.    Course Calender.